A Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude for the Irish People Of Dublin and Sligo for their Historic “Gesture of Solidarity”


As Palestinians, we are more than proud to have international supporters such as the cities of Dublin and Silgo that believes in our true and fair case, as we have been fighting for our freedom for the past 60 years. We are proud to have international supporters who believe in justice and compassion and support our Palestinian Prisoners in their historical hunger strikes in the Israeli jails.

On behalf of myself, the municipality council, and the local community of Beit Sahour, we present our deepest acknowledgment, gratitude and appreciation for the strength and willingness that the cities of Dublin and Sligo showed when they had the Palestinian flag raised up high in the Irish skies announcing the Irish support and solidarity with the Palestinian Prisoners who have entered the 29th day in their historical Hunger Strike and still stand strong and tall in the face of the Israeli Jailor facing the strongest suppression and oppression but yet, still standing tall with enormous faith in their hearts that someday the darkness of Israeli jails will vanish, and the occupation will exist no more.
The Irish “Gesture of Solidarity” stands strong as an unnegotiable proof that Palestine has the natural right for independency, and that the Palestinian Prisoners who became the symbol of struggle have also the right for freedom.
We proudly and humbly express our most sincere joy for the hope that the Irish People has granted us through this outstanding “Gesture of Solidarity”.

We Salute You.

Hani Al Hayek With Respect
Mayor of Beit Sahour

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