City of Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour Municipality has been following a clear three years strategic development plan that was put in collaboration with the local community. Through this plan, Beit Sahour Municipality has targeted all the city’s sectors with developmental projects that has notable sustainability, among which was the old core town of Beit Sahour, which is a town that screams with history, beauty, and civilization. 

In the past three years, Beit Sahour Municipality has targeted many old buildings with rehabilitating and rejuvenation to put these buildings to function and present it to the local organizations to operate in it. Among these buildings are the following:

1. Dar Dakkarat
Dar Dakkarat is an old building located in the old town. It has been rehabilitated years ago to be used as a municipal facility for conferences, meetings and delegations headquarter.

2. Dar Abu Sa’da
Dar Abu Sa’da is a stunning building in the old town that was rehabilitated four years ago to be used as a municipal facility for the Projects and Engineering department. The building is reachable and easily accessed as its location makes it easy for the citizens to reach for their requests and procedures.

3. Dar El Shomali
Another spectacular old building that is close to the main market square and the church of Virgin Mary’s Well. It was rehabilitated and furnished last year to be used as a small tourist hostel for those who seek the warm evenings and historical life of the old town.

4. Dar Al Balad ( Dar Qumseyyah )
Dar Al Balad is another beautiful old building located near Dar Dakkarat and opposite to the old church of Saint Michael’s Church. The building was rehabilitated long time ago. It has two floors, the top floor is used as a small hostel and the bottom floor is used as a touristic restaurant that attracts foreigners from everywhere with its amazing reputation regarding the exquisite cuisine and gorgeous atmosphere.

5. Dar Hilal
Dar Hilal is located near Dar Al Balad restaurant. Used by the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People (PCR) and Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies, after having it rehabilitated the past year by Beit Sahour Municipality. The PCR and Siraj Center have put it to function with their remarkable touristic, cultural and social activities.

6. Dar Muslih
This building is located in the centre of the old town. It was rehabilitated a year ago to be handed to the Arab Orthodox Charitable Society (AOCS) to operate in it. The (AOCS) is a non-profit and non- Governmental Society that was established in 1953 to provide social assistant for the local Christian community in Beit Sahour.

7. Old Market Square
The Old Market is an enormous square located in the middle of the old town near Dar AL Shomali building and Virgin Mary’s Well. it was rehabilitated years ago to welcome festivals, exhibitions, markets and various cultural events and public meetings.

8. Dar Awwad
Dar Awwad is another building that will be rehabilitated to be used as an information centre operated by; Peace by Piece Tours in cooperation with Beit Sahour Municipality. Peace by Piece tours is a local Christian tourism company committed to making the stay in the Holy Land a spiritual pilgrimage, and pleasant encounter.

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