Local Economy and Labor Force

Economic Activities

The economy in Beit Sahour is dependent on several economic sectors, mainly: industry, which absorbs 34 percent of the city workforce. The results of a field survey for the distribution of labor by economic activity in Beit Sahour are the following:

  • Industry (34%)
  • Trade Sector (27%)
  • Government or Private Employees Sector (17%)
  • Services Sector (11%)
  • Agriculture sector (6%)
  • Israeli Labor Market (5%)

There are many economic and industrial activities in Beit Sahour, mainly; religious artifacts industry, as there are more than 150 workshops, in addition to textile industry, cosmetics industry, a cardboard factory, a noodles factory, 90 different workshops (blacksmith, carpentry, and aluminum), four butcheries, five bakeries, 90 different services stores, and 40 grocery stores. As a result of the Israeli occupation and restrictions, the economic status of the population has severely declined, as many citizens have lost their jobs and have become unemployed, thus forcing them to work in the service sector. The unemployment rate in Beit Sahour has reached about 17 percent.

Labor Force

According to the PCBS Population, Housing and Establishment Census, 41.7 percent of Beit Sahour labor force was economically active, of whom 91.6 percent were employed, 58.1 percent were not economically active, 53.3 percent were students, and 29.3 percent were housekeepers.

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