Education and Educational Facilities

According to the results of the PCBS Population, Housing and Establishment Census, the illiteracy rate among Beit Sahour population is about 2.5 percent, of whom 68 percent are females. Of the literate population, 11.4 percent can read and write, 20.3 percent had elementary education, 21.2 percent had preparatory education, 22.3 percent had secondary education, and 24.7 percent completed higher education.

In regards to the basic and secondary educational institutions and schools in Beit Sahour in the academic year 2008/2009, there are five public schools in the city, run by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and five private schools that are run by religious institutions in the city. There is a total number of 3865 students, 213 teachers, and 139 classes. It should be noted here that the average number of students per teacher in the school is nearly 18, while the average number of students per class is approximately 28.

There is also Al Farah School (the School of Joy) in Beit Sahour city, which was established in 1998 for special education, as it provides services for the development of slow learning children. In addition to Beit al Farah (House of Joy) which was opened in 1996 for both genders with special needs and slow learners. The House seeks to support the needs of the individual systematically, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

In regards to the university education institutions, there is a branch of Al Quds Open University in Beit Sahour city, which was opened in February 2003. The University works upon the principle of open and self-education study, which gives an opportunity for each individual who wishes to attend higher education and universities. According to 2009/2010 data, the university has a total of 1,737 students.

Also, located in Beit Sahour is the Fashion and Textile Institute, which is the first of its kind in Palestine. The Institute was founded in 1994 and it provides training programs in the industry of textile.


The Schools of Beit Sahour:


Governmental schools for males:

1.     At Tasamoh Boys Elementary School

2.     At Ta’akhi Boys Elementary School

3.     Beit Sahour Boys High School


Governmental schools for females:

1.     Beit Sahour Girls High School

2.     An Nasira Girls Elementary School


Private schools with mixed students:

1.     The Greek Catholic Patriarch School

2.     The Evangelical Lutheran School

3.     The Shepherds’ High School for Greek Orthodox (Ar Ru’at)

4.     The Latin Patriarch School

5.     The Islamic Charitable Society School


Furthermore, there are four kindergartens in Beit Sahour; run by charitable societies in the city. Beit Sahour’s kindergartens are:

1.     The Shepherds’ Field Kindergarten - Charitable Society

2.     The Arab Women Union Kindergarten - Charitable Society

3.     Al Bishara for the Holy Land Kindergarten - Charitable Societies

4.     Al Baraka Kindergarten -- Charitable Society



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