The Mayor

Mr. Hani Al- Hayek, Mayor of Beit Sahour, was born on November 20, 1953 in Beit Sahour; he is married and a father of four children. He is an economical activist and a founder of many important institutions, Mr. Al- Hayek received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics from Al- Mustansiriah University- Baghdad in 1978.

 Mr. Al-Hayek did attend several conferences and workshops regarding economical and resources development in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, China, Barcelona, Marseille, Morocco, Kuwait and Jordan.

Mr. Al- Hayek is one of the founders of the Union of the Palestinian Textile Industries, and a board member in the General Union of Palestinian Industry. In addition, he is a member in the Water Supply and Sewage Authority Council and a Board Member of the Jerusalem District Electricity Co. LTD.                                        

Before taking office on May 23, 2005, Mr. Al Hayek was the General Director for several leading companies in ceramics and textiles, also he owns a private Consulting Office for Accounting and Auditing.

Mr. Al- Hayek is an active participant in all facets of community life; civil society groups, town educational and cultural activities and the socio- political life. His dedication to the municipal vision and role in serving the community earned him the council and the citizens’ trust and respect. 

Since assuming his post as a Mayor of Beit Sahour, Mr. Al- Hayek has worked hard to implement projects that would serve the city and its inhabitants. Mr. Al- Hayek was reelected in 2012.



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