Section Two


Stages of the Plan preparations:

Stage One: Where are we now? … Two Months Duration.

Stage Two: Where do we want to head? … Two Weeks Duration.

Stage Three: How do we reach there? … Three Months Duration.


Stage One: Where are we now? Organizing and analyzing

The stages has started with building and preparations of the strategic development plan through assigning a coordinator that will coordinate the planning process in addition for forming three basic planning committees as follows:

v  Strategic Development Planning Committee for supervision.

v  Basic Planning Team that will lead, manage and synchronize the planning process

v  Institutional Construction Committee for the diagnosing of the internal reality of the Municipality


The above mentioned committees will distribute its duties on the following development sectors:

*        Planning and Regulation Committee.

*        Social Services Committee.

*        Local Economy Committee.

*        Environment and Public Health Committee.

*        Services and Infrastructure Committee.

*        Security and Disasters Management Committee.

*        Culture and Sport Committee.



Stage Two: Where do we want to head? The Strategic Development Frame

This stage has had many steps that can be summarized as follows:

o    The determination of the strategic cases that has the top priority.

o    The determination of the city’s strategic vision and aims.

o    The reformation of the specialized committees and renaming them to become the committees of community priorities.



Stage Three: How do we reach there? Implementation PlansandFollow-up

In this stage, and through the committees of community priorities, the determination of work took place as well as giving the suitable description for every project through a special application made for that purpose so as to review the projects and its aims and objectives and locate it permanently through these committees and the Municipal team in addition for the people interested and the experts as well so as to make sure that the projects in mind to be executed will express the true needs of the local community.

The Financial Resources of Beit Sahour Municipality

·         Property tax

·         Repairs and waste tax

·         Buildings permits (construction permits)

·         Licenses and crafts industries and banners (paintings leased)

·         Real estate Rental

·         Stocks of Jerusalem District Electricity Co., Ltd.

·         Professions Licenses

·         Road transport Fees

·         Grants, foreign aid and internal contributions

·         Miscellaneous income from public utilities such as public parks and commercial markets.



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