Section Three

Diagnostic Analysis

 Summary of the Diagnostic Report


The diagnostic report was prepared by the basic planning team after the first public meeting through which the several specialized committees were born along with all the responsible parties that represent most all the community sectors and fields.


The Diagnostic Report aims to summarize the results of a certain study, and diagnose the current situation of the city after the strategic analyzing of the sectors which were studied through a clear methodology that depends on providing detailed database for every sector which is used to locate the weakness and strength points, and the chances of success and threats as this study facilitates the possibilities of intervention as an attempt to solve the problems and draw the objectives that will be accomplished through a clear vision towards a Sustainable development.


The Diagnostic Report clarifies the detailed information regarding every sector such as planning and zoning, urbanization, infrastructure, social services, local economy, health and environment, culture and sport, security and disasters management,  and so on so as to help developing the policies of work and finding solutions for issues that face the development in every field depending on a clear methodology that depends on the community participation as an urgent and important necessity for the development operation.


Strategic Analysis


Such analysis targeted many fields such as the field of planning and organizing, infrastructure, youth sector, woman sector, people with special needs, security and disasters management, economic sphere and field and local handcraft industry.


The strategic analysis aims to search in the obstacles and challenges that face the overall andsustainable development through studying the points of weakness and strength, the opportunities and threats that face every sector daily as the specialized work committees have been working along with the other committees on diagnosing the developmental areas and fields.


Development cases that are of a high priority

The Municipality of Beit Sahour has been focusing greatly on the cases that are of a high priority for the people of Beit Sahour, as such cases play a very important role in the strategic development plan of the city.

These cases are:


1 - Planning and organization
2 - Security and Disaster Management
3 - Culture and Sports
4 - services and infrastructure
5 - Health and Environment
6 - the local economy
7 - Social Services (women and persons with disabilities)
8 - institutional building and capacity development


Development Vision

(((A town in which all the services needed available, a healthy environment, economically prosperous, green, its citizens set a good example of liberalityand affiliation, preserving its heritage and originality.  )))


DevelopmentStrategy Objectives


The development strategy objects are considered the main spine of every strategic development plan.  These objectives are:


A.     Working to achieve the development vision of the town and harmonize with it.

B.     To be specific not general, as it should express clearly where we want to reach.

C.     Measurable

D.    Attainable

E.     Realistic

F.     Time-date

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