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Beit Sahour Strategic Development Plan -Section One



Strategic Planning (New Philosophy and Renewed Ambition)

A clear and well-studied method was leaned on by our Municipal Council in its strategic development plan, a method that was built correctly, clearly and accurately which was also applied by many Municipal Councils in different cities on the national level in the past few years as benefiting from the past experiences took place in order to modify it and improve it to become more effective and efficient.

The one great target of this plan is to develop the city and arise with its economy aiming to reach the full and complete development, growth and expansion through the help and collaboration with Beit Sahour’s citizens and local organizations. It can be said that the strategic development plan of Beit Sahour has included and covered all the basic social requirements of the community as many projects were born through this plan such as developing the structural plan of the city and improving the infrastructure in addition for the sanitation projects and projects that aimed to empower women in the local community and the youth sector as well as projects that targeted people with special needs, to projects that address the environment and developing the social services sector in the city and so on.

The Philosophy of the Plan’s Implementation and Continuity

The strategic development plan of the city aims to bring prosperity, advancement and achieving its vision through unifying the efforts of the Municipal Council along with the local community through organizing with the establishments and the official ministries and building partnerships with a lot of donor countries, as this plan was put and prepared through a huge and effective social participation aiming to advance towards achieving this plan through building partnerships and recruiting money and resources.

Summarization of the Strategic Development Plan of Beit Sahour 2013-2016

Achieving the legitimacy of the Plan

A Social Contract, Ratification and Adaption.

The strategic development plan for 2013-2016 depends on planning as a method and the social participation as a concept so as to develop the city of Beit Sahour and arise with it financially and on the civilization level through a clear and effective vision and comprehensible targets.

The Approval of the Municipal Council to Adapt the Plan

The Municipal Council of Beit Sahour has approved in his session No. 136 that took place on the 28th of September 2012 to adapt the strategic development plan of Beit Sahour so as to contain and include the social vision and the implementation plan and evaluation for the years 2013 – 2016.

 Executive Summary

The strategic development plan was made through the ministry of local governance program and the infrastructure LGI to develop the local communities through the funding of the USAID and the implementation of the CHF in cooperation and organization with the ministry of local governance under the motor: Amaar Ya Falasteen, Amaar Ya Beit Sahour.

Activating the social participation of the local community of Beit Sahour as well as the participation of the local and civil organizations and the private sector was the biggest and most important part of the strategic development plan as the mutual decision is of a high importance to the Municipality of Beit Sahour so as to effectively and correctly make a change. 

Work Methodology

The work methodology has depended on several levels and steps that had many activities and sessions as well as planning sessions through the different planning committees, as this plan was done through the following steps:

-          Ending the process of forming different committees for several strategic cases so as to start preparing for the stage of diagnosing the current reality of the city.

-          The determination of the strategic vision of Beit Sahour which represents the future imaginations of the city through this plan.

-          Identifying and describing the projects through specialized working committees each in its specialization and field.

-          The Preparing and processing of the operational and executive plan by the basic planning team as the plan has clarified the most important projects and aims, and the estimated cost for all the projects and identifying the implementing and donor parties and the time frame to execute the plan during the coming four years.

-          To complete the planning operation, the strategic projects have been identified and as most of it were given a specific description of location on the maps so as to go well with the strategic development process along with the physical planning.

Outputs of the Plan

The plan outputs clarify the results and the desired outcomes of the strategic development plan, as the outputs also show the methodology of the plan’s execution and all its aspects as well as the specified targets of the plan which aims to improve the local economy, local industry, city’s infrastructure and much more.

There are some important strategic targets that the plan addresses and aims to achieve:

Strategic Case No. 1:

The weakness of the planning level and organization the usage of the lands in the recent structural plan which will be addresses through the following points:

·         Developing the structural plan of Beit Sahour.

·         Organizing the construction processes and the licenses issuing in the city.

Strategic Case No. 2:

Lack of all kinds of emergency services, and such lack will be addressed through: 

·         Providing the emergency services especially the health and civil defense in the city of Beit Sahour.

 Strategic Case No. 3:

The weakness ofcommunity cultureand citizenship which will be addressed through the following:

·         Strengthening and developing the community culture and the concept of citizenship in Beit Sahour.

Strategic Case No. 4:

The weakness of the infrastructure in the sector of culture and sport and such weakness will be addressed through the following:

·         Developing the cultural and sport facilities in Beit Sahour.

Strategic Case No. 5:

The weakness of the infrastructure services (water, lighting, sanitation, roads), which will be addressed through: 

·         Facilitating the obtainment of water in a high quality and efficiency.

·         Developing the sanitation network in the city.

·         Improving the condition of the internal and linking roads in the city.

·         Improving the quality of the lighting services in the city of Beit Sahour.

Strategic Case No. 6:

The flaw and weakness of the health and environment laws and rules and the lack of control which will be addressed through:

·         Improving and activating the laws and rules of health and environment control in the city.

Strategic Case No. 7:

The exploit weakness of advantaging from the touristic, historical and religious places as such weakness will be addressed through:

·         Improving and evolving the tourism sector in the city of Beit Sahour.

Strategic Case No. 8:

The weakness of the teaching-learning environment which can be addressed as follows:

·         Improving and modifying the teaching-learning environment in the local schools of the city.

Strategic Case No. 9:

The weakness of the services given to people with special needs and such important point will be addressed as follows:

·         Raising the level of services given to people with special needs in the city on a legal base.

Strategic Case No. 10:

The fatal and exploit weakness of the financial resources of Beit Sahour Municipality as such problem will be addressed through the following:

·         Increasing the financial resources of Beit Sahour Municipality and using it in the best way.

Strategic Case No. 11:

 The institutional weakness of the Municipality of Beit Sahour and the local organizations and such dilemma will be addressed through:

·         Improving and strengthening the role of the Municipality and the local organizations in the development process in the city of Beit Sahour.

The Importance of Preparing the Plan and its Targets 

ü  Diagnosing and evaluating the sartorial reality and current condition.

ü  The determination, analyzing and the full study of the problems.

ü  The estimation of the developmental needs and the order of the priorities.

ü  Making a development plan for the city.

ü  Following up and the evaluating the plan from the local community.


The importance of planning through participation has appeared through:


§  Putting plans that arise out from the real actual needs.

§  The stabilization of the basal method.

§  Assisting the Municipality of Beit Sahour in adapting a more realistic plan.

§  The participation in building the capabilities of the locals through making them a part in all the planning stages.

§  Adapting the plan and following it from the local organizations.

§  Benefiting from the donor organizations program to support the plan.

Methodology of the Plan’s Preparation

The methodology of the strategic development plan’s preparation for the city of Beit Sahour has depended on the strategic development planning guide for the Palestinian cities and towns which is also approved by the ministry of local government in reference to the community participation methodology.

A group of methods, means and steps were used for the preparation of the plan that depends basically on five stages that include twelve step as follows:

Stage one: where are we now? … Organizing and analyzing

-          Configuration and setup

-          Analysis of stakeholders

-          Diagnosis of the recent status

Stage two: where do we want to head? … StrategicDevelopmentFramework

-          Determining the social priorities.

-          Determining the objectives and visions



Stage three: how we reach there? … The strategic plan

-          The determination and description of the projects.

-          Putting and setting up the strategic plan.

-          Preparingtheplan’s documentandachieving itslegitimacy


Stage four: what enables us to reach there? … Implementation mechanisms

-          Designing the implementation procedures

-          Building partnerships and mobilizing resources



Stage five: have we reached there? … Evaluationandrenovation

-          Evaluation

-          Modifying and renovating.

It is important to know that having a clear methodology to manage the planning process is considered the most important reason of the success of the strategic development planning operation. For that, preparation of the strategic plan was divided into three stages to facilitate the understanding of the implementation steps as follows:

a.     Where are we now?   Two months period

b.    Where do we want to head?   Two weeks period

c.     How do we get there?   Three months period

Community participation ... Approach, Will and Challenge

Beit Sahour finds it always of a high importance and main value to always include the community participation in each and every plan and project. As such participation forms a source of success for the Municipality when it comes to its accomplishments.

Beit Sahour Municipality has used many methods during the period of planning so as to advertise for its strategic development plan as such methods can be summarized as follows:

·         Visual and unseen media.

·         Advertisement in the public places and sending private invitations for the participants.

·         The direct communication with the Institutions, associations, authorities and influential figures in the city.

·         Holding several meetings and workshops with the specialized committees of both sexes which had a positive impact on the increasing and the efficacy of the community participation and strengthening the concept and the targets of the strategic development as well as helping in info gathering of the sartorial reality.

·         The annunciation of the community meetings through a public invitation so as to come and attend and participate in these community meetings and open the horizons to join the specialized committees which specialize in making the strategic plans.

The Structure of the Planning Process

The most important reasons of the success of the strategic development is the presence of a clear structure to manage the planning process  however the structure should show the participants in this process and the mutual relations among them.


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