Section Five

Projects and Development Programs


The strategic development projects are considered the essence of the strategic development planning for locality, as it works on achieving and completing its goals and vision on the ground as these objectives should be:


·         To harmonize with the strategic development cases and linked with one goal or more of the strategic goals that were identified and accomplished.

·         Provide the necessary resources or the ability to provide it in the future to execute these objectives.

·         Making sure that there are no obstacles (political, legal, geographical….etc) that might stand in the way of executing it.

·         The availability of a party that have the capability to implement it technically and administratively.


Strategic Development Framework

Key issues, developmental goals, indicators and proposed projects

1-    Issue: the weakness of the planning level and organizing the usage of lands in the recent structural plan.

Objectives: 1- Developing the structural plan for the city of Beit Sahour

                2- Organizing the construction operations and issuing licenses inside the

                         city of Beit Sahour

2-    Issue: Lack ofemergency servicesof all kinds.

Objective: The provision of emergency services, especially health and civil defense                     in the city.

3-    Issue: weakness ofcommunity cultureand citizenship.

Objective: supporting and developing the principles of community culture and citizenship.

4-    Issue: the weakness in the infrastructure of the culture and sport sector.

Objective: developing and improving the culture and sport sector in Beit Sahour.

5-    Issue: weakness of the infrastructure services (water, lighting, sanitation and roads)


1- Facilitate for the citizen to get water through a great quality and high                          efficiency.

2- Developing the sanitation network in the city.

3- Improving the internal and linking roads in the city.

4- Improving the quality of the lighting services in the city.

6-    Issue: weakness of the laws and regulations of health and environment sector and the lack of prevention.

Objective: developing and activating the laws of control on the health and environment sectors in the city.

7-    Issue: weakness in using the touristic, religious and historical sites and areas.

Objective: improving and developing the tourism sector in the city of Beit Sahour. 

8-    Issue: weakness of the teaching – learning environment.

Objective: improving and modifying the teaching-learning environment in the schools of Beit Sahour 

9-    Issue: the weakness of the services provided to people with disabilities.

Objective: improving and raising the level of services provided to people with disabilities in the city of Beit Sahour on a legal bases.

10- Issue: the weakness of the financial resources of the Municipality of Beit Sahour.

Objective: increasing the financial resources for Beit Sahour Municipality and using it in the proper way. 

11-  Issue: weakness of the institutional building for the Municipality of Beit Sahour and the civil community organizations.

Objective: developing and supporting the role of Beit Sahour Municipality and the civil community originations in the development process in the city.






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