Implemented Projects

Beit Sahour Municipality has implemented several development projects, during the years 2007 to 2009, in addition to some projects that are currently under implementation.

Name of the activities and project implemented by the Municipality of Beit Sahour:

·         Construction of Sewage Lines.

·         The Holiday Ceremony for Lighting the Christmas tree.

·         Restoration of Mary’s Well (Bir as Sayidah).

·         Delivery of Health Services to Sub Homes.

·         Renovation of Qumsiyah’s House Building.

·         Employment of Labor Force.

·         Construction of Ground Floor for the Slaughterhouse.

·         Construction of First Floor for An Nasra Girls School.

·         Employment of Labor Force.

·         Construction of a Public Park.

·         The Motherhood and Childhood Building.

·         Furnishing Qumsiyah’s House.

·         Rehabilitation of ‘Osh Ghrab Park.

·         Establishment of Health Units in Beit Sahour Girls High School.

·         Rehabilitation of Roads.

·         Rehabilitation of Ush Ghurab Park.

·         Construction of Retaining Walls in the Catholics Housing Street.

·         Rehabilitation of Internal Streets.

·         Finishing the Orthodox Club Building.

·         Restoration of At Tasamoh School.

·         Christmas Ceremony for People with Special Needs.

·         Maintenance of Streets and Sidewalks.

·         Retaining Walls.

·         Rainwater Drainage.

·         Maintenance of the Lighting Network.

·         Maintenance of Sewage Lines.

·         Restoration of the Maintenance Center.

·         Ush Ghurab Park Project.

·         Emergency Project for the Rehabilitation of Municipal Services.

·         Labor Force Project.

·         Fuel supplying.

·         Center Project.

·         Rehabilitation of Areas of Direct Contact with the Palestine Development Conference’s Activities.

·         Rehabilitation of Jabal ad Deek Street.

·         The Prime Minister's Grant for Christmas $50000 Ministry Of Finance 2008 Rehabilitation of Ush Ghurab Street.

·         Rehabilitation of Al Mashhama and the Greek.

·         Orthodox Streets.

·         Construction of the Indoor Sport Hall.

·         Construction of Beit Sahour Commercial Complex.

Implemented projects between the year 2010 – 2013

Project Name Grant Value Donor Year
Rehabilitation of internal streets (plastics Street, Al Rishmawi Street, Al Ra’wat Street) in Beit Sahour 124,191.00  Euro Municipal Development and Lending Fund 2012
Installing sewerlinesin Beit Sahour 1,294,440  NIS Caritas / Jerusalem 2011-2012
Construction and finishing of Beit Sahour Municipal Complex   5166990 NIS Ministry of Finance 2010-2012
Building andfinishing the Nazareth extension 154,392.26  Euro PECDAR 2012
Building Beit Sahour Commercial Center (Mini- Center) 2,331,102.40 NIS CHF 2010-2011
  90,000 $ Ministry of Finance 2011
Rehabilitation of the Old City Square in the old town / Beit Sahour  440,000.00 Euro Italian Cooperation  Italian Donor Municipalities 2010-2011
Developing a mechanism for the management of domestic partnership 140,000.00 NIS German-Palestinian cooperationfor development 2011-2012
A project for building a chicken slaughterhouse 160,000.00 $ Internal Funding from Beit Sahour Municipality in cooperation with the Palestinian National Authority, through the Ministry of Local Government 2011-2012
Preparing for Christmas Celebrations 50,000$ Ministry of Finance 2011-2012
Building & finishing the extension of Al-tasamoh school building 1,826,027.00  NIS ANERA 2010-2011
Building capacity and equipment supply 129,000.00 USD CHF 2010-2011
Rehabilitation of Dar Abu Saada in Beit Sahour 745,770.00  NIS Centre for Cultural HeritagePreservation   2010-2011
Furnishing of Dar Abu Sa'ada in Beit Sahour 42,750.00 NIS British consulate in Jerusalem 2010-2012
Rehabilitation of the football field / area of the Islamic Association 160,000.00  USD Norway 2010-2011
Rehabilitation of the football field / Municipal Stadium area 155,000.00  USD Ministry of Youth andSports 2010-2011
Rehabilitation of internal roads in Beit Sahour / Region Islamic Association Area 161,729.00  Euro Municipal Development and Lending Fund 2010-2011
Job Creation 150,000.00  USD Ministry of Finance 2010-2011
A project to build a chicken slaughterhouse 160,000.00  USD Internal Funding from Beit Sahour Municipality in cooperation with the Palestinian National Authority, through the Ministry of Local Government 2011
Supply of equipment and tools / devices 25,000.00   USD UNRWA 2010-2011
Building theGym. sportshall 400,000.00  USD Ministry of Works 2010-2011
Preparation for Christmas Celebrations   50,000.00 USD Ministry of Finance 2011-2010
Rehabilitation of Internal Roads in Beit Sahour (Investment Conference) 50,000.00  USD Ministry of Finance 2010
Rehabilitation of the building devoted to public service center (OSS) 299,375.00   NIS CHF 2010
Installing of Mosaic tourism panels 18,000.00NIS The Bible Society 2010
Installing sewer lines in Beit Sahour 438,150.00  NIS Caritas / Jerusalem 2013
Rehabilitation of Dar Al-Shomali in Beit Sahour 273,831.06 NIS Italian Cooperation   2013
Rehabilitation of Dar Hilal in Beit Sahour 414,000.00 NIS SIDA 2013-2014
Rehabilitation of Beit Sahour internal Roads 975,325.40 NIS CHF (Global Communities) 2013-2014
The Construction of Skeleton /works for Shepherd’s Field  General Surgery Hospital 650,000.00 $ Human Appeal Int. UAE & Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development 2013-2014
Construction of Light Converted Handcrafts Workshops 245,000.00 $ The United Nations Development Programme/ Programme of Assitance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) 2013-2014
45,000.00 $ Beit Sahour Municipality 2013-2014

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