Past and Present

 1925 - 2005

Beit Sahour was among the first cities in Palestine to have an organized local council. The first elections for the city council were held in 1925. In 1952, when the population was just over 5000, the village council was given the status of a municipality. However, the Municipal Council elections were held every 4 years until 1976, when Israel froze all municipal elections as a means to prevent PLO supporters from running and winning the elections, accordingly, from 1976 up to 2000, no elections were held. Moreover, the Israel Military Administration literally controls master plans of the city, urban planning, infrastructure development, and employment. The consequences of the freeze on elections and stagnation that resulted during this period had tremendous negative effects on the development of Beit Sahour in all aspects.

The appointed municipal council was headed by Mr. Fuad Kokaly. This marked a new era in progressive development of the municipality as an organization and of the city of Beit Sahour. Under the appointed administration the municipal building got expanded from one floor to 4 floors and the staff was increased. Some much needed infrastructure projects were also implemented during that time (such as water and sewage lines, street rehabilitation and renovation in the Historic City) and the foundations for urban planning were laid out.

In August 2000, the Palestinian Authority in corporation with the political/social associations of the city agreed on appointing a new municipal council that will serve a transitional period until logistical and legislative issues are in place for conducting municipal elections. The year 2005 marked the first free elections since 1976, the Municipal Council consisted of 13 members at that time, including four women.  The present Council took office in November 2012, as all previous municipal councils it has 13 members, this time two women were elected. The current council as well as the previous is under the leadership of Mr. Hani Al-Hayek. The Municipality has twenty-five employees in five major departments: Administration, Finance, Health and Environment, Engineering, and projects/development departments, in addition to another thirty-two workers.

2005 – 2014

Beit Sahour Municipality is carrying out its mission, its goals and its services as the municipal staff in the various departments is working closely with the local community for the best services as well as achieving the maximum communication efficiency.

The active committees of the municipality that are considered the active arm of the city are also working closely with the local community and its different sectors to achieve maximum development as the municipality is carrying out its strategic development plan for the benefit of the community and to provide the up-to-date services in all its types. 



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