Beit Sahour has ten vital departments and divisions that form the main structure of the Municipality, as all departments and divisions collaborate together as one unit to serve the local community and the public interests of Beit Sahour.

  • The Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s office is the office that organizes the mayor’s daily work and responsibilities and sorts out the mayor’s daily appointments and international responsibilities. It is the office where the main letters and official actions take place such as the agreement signing and relations establishment and welcoming the different delegations. The director of the mayor’s office is also responsible for the councils meetings and sessions’ authentication and writing as well as the members’ inputs and suggestions.

  • Public Relations

The public and cultural relations department is a vital department that takes of the foreign and domestic relations. It is the department that works closely with donors and diplomats in cooperation with the mayor’s office and the administration. It is also the department that authenticates and discloses all the municipal achievements of the departments all throughout the year and announces it to the public to activate the community participation. It is also responsible for municipal promotional materials and leading a number of social committees who work closely with the Municipality to insure vital and strong community participation.

  • Administration

The Municipal Director is responsible for insuring the smoothness of work, and the proper functionality of the Municipal departments in addition for welcoming the citizens complains and give clear presentations about the projects and achievements, as well as following up with the daily work in the city aside from the regular administrative duties.

  • Accounting

It is the department where all the financial conditions of the Municipality is sorted out and taken care of. The accounting department is another vital municipal arm that works closely with the administration, OSS, municipal council and the mayor on financial bases in regards of the Municipality’s financial situation and responsibilities.

  • Human Resources

Human Resources work under the supervision of the administration as it is responsible for sorting out employees’ conditions and doing all the necessary and official procedures for the employees and specific procedures for the citizens upon request.

  • Health and Environment

Health and Environment is a vital department that takes care of the public health and streets workers and cleaning. It is the department that works closely with health committees and monitors the city’s environment. It is also responsible for the distribution of the cleaning workers in the areas and following up with the wastes collection and management. This department is also responsible for monitoring the local butcheries, restaurants and food facilities to maintain cleanliness and to keep working under health standards.

  • Engineering and Projects

Engineering department is of the most active and important departments as it are responsible for the infrastructure and rehabilitation works and all what’s relevant to retaining walls construction and the projects in the old core town.
Projects department is the place where bids, tenders and projects plans are taken care of. It is also the department that deals with donors in cooperation with the PR department. It is a vital municipal arm that reaches out to the city’s needs through following a specific strategic development plan put in cooperation with the municipality and the local community.

  • One Stop Shop (OSS)

It is the department that is in direct contact with the local community. It is the place where citizens come to get answers for their queries and complains. It is the department that works closely with the financial department, administration and municipal council regarding giving construction and work permits, taxes, financial fees and clearances.

  • Maintenance 

One of the most important departments is the maintenance department. It consists of skilled workers in different fields. This department is active 24 hours on a daily bases to meet the needs of the citizens and function directly during emergencies. It is the department that is responsible also for maintaining the municipal facilities sand buildings as well as maintaining streets lighting system and electricity, as well as greening and afforestation in addition for the regular duties and local organizations assistance.
• Internal Auditor
The internal auditor’s work is limited to monitoring duties, achievements, work and responsibilities of the Mayor and the Municipal Council, and present all the necessary reports to insure having the desired results and accomplishments.

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