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Dear Friends and followers,

Beit Sahour Municipality is now crowned with a new mayor and council. The new administration has been taking the lead for a new dawn of success.

The Municipality of Beit Sahour with its new administration is not taking a different approach towards strengthening community participation, projects implementation, and working on providing the best qualities of services with deep auditing and tremendous assistance.

The new administration is now working on reactivating the municipal committees considering that these committees are one of the most important municipal arms that help create collaboration between the local community and the Municipality of Beit Sahour.

Beit Sahour is a city that thrives on sustainability, projects and development. We as the new administration of Beit Sahour Municipality are strongly committed to providing the local sustainable development and economy empowerment through projects, community participation, and expanding present projects for the public benefit of the city.

Many foreign visitors come to Beit Sahour for events, tourism pilgrimage, ecotourism, private visit and much more, knowing that we at Beit Sahour Municipality encourage visitors to explore with all its events and activities that local institutions have for visitors.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of services for residents, visitors and local institutions and will always keep the wheel of sustainable development running for the public benefit of Beit Sahour


Jehad Khair
Mayor of Beit Sahour

Latest News

Forum for the Civil Society of Southern Neighboring Countries

21 July 2017

Mayor of Beit Sahour Mr. Jehad Khair has participated in the preparatory forum for the civil society of neighboring countries in the south held last week in Brussels / Belgium...

Beit Sahour Raising the Irish Flag

16 May 2017

Beit Sahour Municipality has raised the Irish flag on its main Municipal building as a sign of respect, appreciation and gratitude for the Irish “Gesture of Solidarity” that the Municipalities...

Agreement singing regarding the Finishing Works of the Sports Hall in Sa'ed Khouray's Sports Complex

19 September 2016

An Agreement was signed between the Municipality of Beit Sahour represented by its Mayor, Mr. Hani Al Hayek - in the presence of a number of Municipal Council members - and N.A...

A Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude for the Irish People Of Dublin and Sligo for their Historic “Gesture of Solidarity”

15 May 2017

ِِ As Palestinians, we are more than proud to have international supporters such as the cities of Dublin and Silgo that believes in our true and fair case, as we have...

Euro Mediterranean Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Life (Med Equality)

04 June 2016

Euro Mediterranean Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Life (Med Equality)Med Equality is a project funded by the European Union aiming to promote policies of equality in...

A Lithuanian Delegation from Utena city visiting Beit Sahour

19 April 2017

The Municipality of Beit Sahour, represented by its Mayor Mr. Hani Al Hayek and a number of municipal council members, have welcomed a Lithuanian delegation from the city of Utena...

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